About Us

Raman Patel arrived in the United States in 1971 to obtain higher education. He bought his first motel in 1979, Kings Inn in a small cozy town of Sheffield Alabama. Since then, he has created a family legacy that has grown into a thriving enterprise. Following his father’s footsteps, Vipul Patel joined the family business in 1997.

Exceptional Hospitality continues to seek opportunities to expand its portfolio.

About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the premier hotel development company. Exceptional Hospitality is committed to excellence through honesty, dedication, and empowerment. We will exceed our fellows (guests, associates, and investors) expectations and enhance the value of our fellows’ investments.

Our Leadership Team

  • Raman Patel
    Raman Patel arrived in America with $10 in his wallet in 1971. With hard work, dedication, great business sense and a passion for detail, he began to build a professional career in...

    Raman Patel


  • Vipul Patel
    Focus on quality and efficiency combined with genuine concern and commitment to those who work for him has been the hallmark of Vipul Patel’s career. His management expertise spa...

    Vipul Patel


  • Kataki Patel
    Kataki (Kate-Key) Patel is an operations manager who works with EH to maximize its hotels bottom line, economically improve its physical condition, and better satisfy its guests. K...

    Kataki Patel

    Director of Operations

  • Barbara Mullin
    Barbara Mullin, Regional Director or Sales of Exceptional Hospitality, has been active in the hospitality industry for several years, beginning her carrier in 1971 at the Holiday I...

    Barbara Mullin

    Director of Sales