Raman Patel


Raman Patel arrived in America with $10 in his wallet in 1970. With hard work, dedication, great business sense and a passion for detail, he began to build a professional career in the hospitality industry that spans over 30 years.

Raman started his hospitality career in 1980 by buying his first motel, Kings Inn in Sheffield, Alabama. With his passion for detail and excellent business sense, Raman turned this rundown motel into a profitable business by being a hands-on manager/owner and by making much needed improvements to the property. After only two years, he was able to sale the motel for a 25% profit. This business success encouraged him to invest in another motel. This time he chose to invest in the Passport Inn in Columbus, Mississippi. Raman owned and operated the Passport Inn from 1982 to 1989. The Passport Inn benchmarked Raman’s reputation as a dedicated and skilled leader and business owner. He demonstrated his keen business sense by increasing the motels profits year over year and by constantly making improvements to the motel to meet guest satisfaction. He understood that the nature of the hospitality business was changing. And with this change Raman was determined to change as well. He recognized that guests wanted consistency, quality and value that brand naming offered.

As such in 1989, Raman left Columbus to plan, develop and open the Days Inn in Stone Mountain, Georgia. As he had already demonstrated with his past operational skills, Raman ran the Days Inn with commitment, passion and attention to detail which won the Days Inn the Chairman’s Award for Quality year after year for the past 19 years. In 1997, Raman officially welcomed his son, Vipul Patel, into the business. This resulted in Raman having the support that he needed to add another hotel to his portfolio.

In 2003 Raman and Vipul worked together to plan, develop and operate the Country Inn & Suites in Stone Mountain.

Raman’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sardar Patel, India and a Masters of Science in Chemistry from the University of Tuskegee, Alabama


Bachelor of Science · 1965 University of Sardar Patel · India
Master of Science · Chemistry · 1974 University of Tuskegee · Alabama